Adding Value to your Business

Online Bookkeeping

Up-to-date accounts

We are ready when you are! This is an area that is changing very fast with more providers offering "in the cloud" services.  For several years we have been using an online cash book, which allows you to enter your transactions when it suits you, and then transmit the data to us. The information is then ready, in the format we need it, to prepare your accounts. This makes the process more accurate, faster and more cost effective. When we receive your postings, we check them, amend them if necessary, and transmit the amendments back to you. This means you can see immediately if there are mistakes and feel secure in the knowledge that your cashbook is correct throughout the year.

A key benefit for you is that your accounts will be up-to-date soon after you submit them to us, allowing us to be more pro-active in advising you on your on-going financial and tax situations.

Use anywhere

A further benefit is that you can use the system from your home or work - in fact anywhere there is an Internet connection. You simply log on to our website and click the 'ca-online' button. We will supply you with a secure id and password that you can use to access your own accounts.

Secure document exchange

There are lots of difference online systems now, and each of the main providers has one. Most people have heard of Sage, and we recommend their software (and can buy it at a discount for clients). We also use Iris - although that name is perhaps better known to accountants than to their clients - and they now own KashFlow, which some of our clients use. But FreeAgent, Xero and ReckoneOne are all worth a look.  We suggest you try a few of the free trials, and speak to us before you sign up with any of them.

We also use a secure website - to exchange data and documents with clients. We have been careful to select a provider who is reliable and who stores their data securely in the UK.  If your accounts are "in the cloud", can you say the same?

First meetings are always free, and we can usually agree in advance what we will charge for any bookkeeping work we do or support that we provide to you.