Adding Value to your Business

Business Plans

Our clients tell us that we help them to understand what the future holds for them! Most larger businesses have to write business plans for their banks or other lenders. For the smaller business, particularly a fledgling new enterprise, the thought of crunching all those numbers can be daunting.

We have our own financial modelling system which, with your help, can turn your estimate of your businesses sales and profitability into a cash flow projection and future estimated balance sheets. As a special offer we are happy to produce the forecasts needed to support a grant application-usually for about £100.

Our contacts may also be of assistance in matching business proposals to investment funding. We are happy to make sure your proposals are presented in the best light, and to help you anticipate the "what if..." questions you are likely to face.

Whether your lenders demand it or not, we strongly recommend that at least once a year you take time out from your business to review how you have done over the last year, and to document what your plans are for the next year. Call it a business plan if you like. Do not believe that what you have done is what you wanted to do. Do not assume that your business will continue to grow when you are already working flat out. Write down your thoughts. Review your previous plans. Know where you are. Know where you want to be. And (with or without our help) produce a business plan to get you there.

There is a handy ICAS guide to starting in business, and a copy is available by emailing us.

First meetings are always free, and it is usually possible to agree fixed fees in advance of the work being carried out.