Adding Value to your Business


Annual Accounts

Year end financial statements for limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Low cost solutions to statutory filing solutions.

We offer a complete accounts preparation service for all clients irrespective of their size or the nature of their business. Our current clients include a quoted company, limited companies, partnerships and sole traders.

Wherever possible, we discuss the significance of the accounts with our clients prior to finalising them. As a result, we try to ensure that our clients understand their accounts and that the accounts are a useful management tool.

We keep our clients advised on record keeping, and how they can minimise the cost of the preparation of annual accounts by efficient use of their own accounting systems.

Costs are minimised by the electronic transfer of data from clients own computer systems, wherever possible. First meetings are always free, and it is usually possible to agree fixed fees in advance of the work being carried out.

Management Accounts

Monthly or quarterly accounts - whether we keep your books or you do it yourself. Low cost solutions to managing your business.

We offer a full bookkeeping service. A number of our clients, particularly in the licensed trade (a cash business) send us a weekly return of their trading results together with their purchase invoices. We process these and produce a purchase ledger with remittance advices for payments to suppliers, monthly management accounts and quarterly VAT returns. There is a fixed weekly or monthly fee involved, and this is typically between £70 to £100 per week - including our bureau payroll service.

Up to date information is the only kind that is really of value in managing a business. You may need to confirm what you results were last year (six months after the year end), but that is not what is used for decision making. The bank balance. The stock level. How many hours a day you are working. These are the actual indicators which you use to support your decisions in real time, but the full picture only comes from regular, timeous profit and loss accounts and a balance sheet. Explained to you, of course.

The investment you make during the year allows you to control your business. And at the year end, all the information is already there for the year end accounts. With no nasty surprises.

Some clients prefer to rationalise it this way. If you pay us the agreed annual accounts fee in monthly (or quarterly) instalments during your business year, we will give you monthly (or quarterly) accounts for free!

First meetings are always free, and it is usually possible to agree fixed fees in advance of the work being carried out.