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Underwhelming budgets and other scams

23/11/2017 by Webmaster

We were so underwhelmed by the Autumn budget that we really don't have anything to say about it.  The devil may yet prove to be in the detail, but so far we have seen nothing to get excited about.

But on the subject of HMRC, just a reminder. We have written here before about fake phone calls and emails that are on the go.  One of our clients has now shown us a text message too - purporting to come from HMRC.  If it is a scam, the client asked, how did they know how much tax I was due to pay?  Well on close examination they didn't. The scam text quoted an amount that was similar to the real liability, but it was just a guess.  By coincidence it was in the right ball park. HMRC DO NOT SEND OUT TEXTS telling you to pay, or in this case not to pay, your 31 January income tax liability.  Beware of the texts and the links in them.

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