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Cry havoc and release the dogs of IR35

09/11/2017 by Webmaster

There are lots of rumours that the public sector IR35 changes are going to be extended to the private sector. I missed Moneybox on Radio4, - I guess it went over what had been in the FT earlier in the week.  It seems odd to extend the bogus self-employment rules when by all accounts they are working so badly – with a shortage of contractors and threatened strikes.  But it is all to do with HMRC raising money rather than levelling the playing field IMHO. See

The accountancy profession remains particularly unhappy that the HMRC website IR35 check is not fit for purpose.

 We will have to wait until Wednesday 22 November to see what the Chancellor tries to do, and then there are all sorts reasons why any change might not get through parliament (in the same way as the self-employed rate hike was announced and then scrapped).

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