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Covid-19 business support update

07/05/2020 by Webmaster

These are challenging times.  There is support for businesses out there.  Aberdeenshire Council small business grants and HMRC Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme grants are both being paid very quickly, which is some reassurance.  The self-employed Covid-19 support service opens on 13 May, although it is not clear how quickly the HMRC calculations will be sent out.

We don't want to simply repeat government and other advice here - in part because it changes so fast that we aren't able to keep up.  However, these are the sources we turn to when we have questions about business support.

Advice for employers and employees:

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme:

Self-employed Income Support Scheme:

Funding sources:

Community and voluntary groups:

If you are a client and need help with any of these things, please get in touch.  At CS Corporate Solutions, all of us are now working from home, so there are fewer people in the office.  At times there maybe no-one.  We are not having face to face meetings as we can do most things by email, telephone and using our secure website.

Please contact us by emailing your usual contact.  If you phone and your call doesn't get answered, please leave a message and someone will get back to you.  Emails will be dealt with as normal. If you need to speak to Charlie urgently, then call his mobile 07711 207357.  Remember to send payroll and furlough query emails to rather than to any specific individual.

Keep safe, or in the words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus

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