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Budget news... or the lack of it

24/09/2020 by Webmaster

What strange times we live in.

In case you missed it, the Budget has been cancelled and the news barely registered.  If you are a twitterer, you might have noticed BBC Scotland's political correspondence making reference to it.

And it seems you have to watch twitter these days.  That was where the Chancellor first gave details of his "winter economy plan" (if only there was a plan).

He did announce his Job Support Scheme JSS to the House of Commons. It was widely misreported.  Here is Douglas Fraser's attempt:

He is being a bit optimistic there.  My reading of it is that the government will meet ONE third of the bill for unworked contracted hours.  But oh good, was my reaction. The CJRS furlough scheme has been getting more and more complex.  JSS has got to be simple. No?  We will see what is meant by "contracted hours" for those on zero hours contracts. And we will see what is meant by "viability" when the economy is going to hell in a handcart.

As for Rishi Sunak - is he still a rising star?  A politician who says he doesn't want to be PM!  He makes me for one think of Albert the one-armed dishwasher in Robin's Nest - played by the late lamented Irish actor David Kelly.  And for those of you who are too young to remember that programme, all you need to know is that he was about as much use as a one-legged man in an a**e kicking contest.

For those who don't get CJRS furlough pay or self-employed SEISS and haven't had any help so far, well don't expect any from Mr Sunak.  "Can I have some more please" asked Oliver Twist.  No, m'boy, you're not getting any at all.  

I trust you can live on £79 a week if you are single and under 25, or your family can get by on £137 - that's for a couple. Because that is what Universal Credit normally pays.

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